A Different Side of Milan
Our apartments are aimed squarely at those who want to experience a different side of Milan – one that encompasses the city's quarters and those who inhabit them, taking in its bakeries, tobacconists, fruit sellers on the corner, wine stores, grocery stores and time-honoured hangouts. 
We offer strategically located accommodation, in the heart of the city (Majno 31), in a historic residential area (Filippo Carcano 4), in the trendy Isola/Garibaldi area (Pepe 32 and LaFaviasuite).
Completely restructured, our buildings combine comfort, cutting-edge design and a wealth of facilities.
This is a project that takes its cue from our bed and breakfast LaFavia4rooms, widening out to meet the myriad needs of those visiting Milan for business or study, or those who simply want to get to know this fantastic city. 
Fabio and Marco

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Our telephone number is: +39 347 7842212